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Понтрезина (Pontresina), Санкт-Мориц

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Понтрезина (Pontresina) — популярный горнолыжный курорт, расположенный недалеко от Санкт-Морица, в кантоне Граубюнден, на юго-востоке Швейцарии. Горнолыжный сезон в Понтрезине длится с октября до середины мая. На расположенной рядом горе Муоттас Мураль (Muottas Muragl) вы сможете прокатиться на самой скоростной саночной трассе в Энгадине.

Официальный вебсайт: www.pontresina.ch

Погода в Понтрезине:


Wildly romantic, sun-soaked and sheltered from the wind at a height of 1,800 m, and surrounded by the impressive Bernina massif, this historic Engadin mountain village charms you as soon as you arrive. Traditional Engadin houses, genuine luxury and a breathtaking Alpine world that affords tranquillity as well as an exquisite mountain and health and beauty experience, complete with real culinary delicacies. Pontresina also boasts the «Family Destination» label, awarded to holiday resorts that specifically cater to the needs and wishes of children and those accompanying them. For successful family holidays from A to Z.

As it’s situated high up in the Alps, you can walk, go mountain biking, hike and play golf to your heart’s content like nowhere else. So walk and cycle along striking glaciers and massifs, by romantic mountain lakes, over aromatic alpine meadows and forests on perfectly prepared and marked-out routes. Conquer the 4,049-metre-high Piz Bernina’s Biancograt ridge. Anyone who’d rather watch the native expert climbers, the ibexes, might be lucky enough to do so on Languard.

And because relaxation is part and parcel of excitement, the Bellavita Pool and Spa, as well as outstanding Swiss pine restaurants and gourmet cuisine in and around Pontresina will simply take your breath away. Followed by a pleasant concert night in the Rondo Convention and Event Centre and your evening is complete.

In Pontresina, luxury really comes to life. For an unforgettable stay and feeling like you’ve found a home from home.

Hotels, holiday homes and campgrounds in Pontresina

List of hotels
List of holiday homes
List of campgrounds in Pontresina


The best architecture is often old and simple. Compared to the neighbouring resort of St. Moritz, Pontresina has retained its village character. Visitors can enjoy one of the most architecturally significant Grand Hotels in the Alps, the Grand Hotel Kronenhof, as well as the typical Engadine houses: massive stone walls and small, funnel-shaped windows which let a lot of light in despite the small openings. The clever design means that heat is retained efficiently during the winter months. Many houses also feature small bay windows which provide a good view of the village street. Upstairs, the walls often protrude because the façades of many wooden houses were subsequently covered with stone. Another thing that immediately catches the eye is the playful ornamentation on façades, windows and building corners.

Scratch Art Sgraffito

On closer inspection, you will see that the ornamentation on the local buildings has not been painted on with a brush but sculpted directly into the plaster. This wall decor technique is called sgraffito. The top layer of the plaster is scraped away so that the underlying, darker layer is revealed. The term comes from the Italian word «sgraffiare», which means «scraping». The sgraffito designs are abstract – for example in the form of ribbons with triangular designs or circular ornaments.

Historic buildings in Pontresina

When you go for a stroll through Pontresina, sooner or later you will pass the old bridge Punt’Ota. This historic building is still intact. The bridge is located below the new Bernina Bridge and is of particular interest to historians because to this day they all disagree about whether the bridge builder’s name was Saraschin, and whether the village’s name Puntraschina or Pontresina was derived from the word Punt (bridge) Sarashina. Also steeped in a rich history is the burial church Santa Maria, which dates from the 13th century. It is one of the most precious sacred buildings of the Grisons and features well-preserved medieval wall paintings with Byzantine-Romanesque fragments. Today, the church is a popular venue for weddings, attracting couples from all around the world. Situated a little above Pontresina, visitors will find another attraction: the pentagonal Spaniola Tower, which was built using irregular quarry stones and boulders. The building was restored in 1994 by the municipality.

Village tour Pontresina

During the village tour, you will learn fascinating facts about the solid Engadine houses and their sgraffiti, about culture, language, and the precious frescoes in the mountain church St. Maria.

  • Summer Season: Early June to mid-October, every Wednesday at 15.30
  • Winter Season: In mid-December to early April, every Wednesday 14:15 to 15:30.
    Then church tour St. Maria.
  • Duration: Approx. 1.5 hrs
  • Guides: local guides
  • Meeting point: in front of the Pontresina Tourist Information (Convention- and Culture Centre)
  • Fee: free for individual guests. Group rates upon request. The village tour can be booked as a private tour (for max. 25 persons) for CHF 120.-

Church tour St. Maria

The Church of St. Maria is one of the most precious sacred buildings of Grisons. The burial church was built in the 11th century and features exposed paintings and frescoes from the 13th and 15th century. During the season free tours are available. The church can be visited without a guide, however, photography is not permitted.

  • Summer season: June to mid-October, every Wednesday at 17:00. In July and August also on Fridays at 17:00.
  • Winter season: Mid-December to mid-April, every Wednesday at 15:30
  • Guide: local church guides
  • Meeting point: in front of the church
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Fee: Free of charge. Private tours are available for CHF 70.-
  • Registration: until 17:00 the day before, by telephone at +41 81 838 83 00

Shopping in Pontresina in the Engadine

Along the Via Maistra, smaller and larger shops are strung together – Pontresina’s shopping street par excellence. From cheese stores and chocolateries to clothes boutiques and sporting goods stores you can find everything you need for everyday life in Pontresina – as well as unusual and traditional gifts to take home to your loved ones. Tip: During five Thursdays throughout the summer from 17:00 to 22:00 you will find the Laret-Markt, which offers a bright and colourful atmosphere with live music, food and drink in the streets of Pontresina. A highlight for guests and locals alike.


Marmot and Ibex Excursion

The Albris region above Pontresina is known for its variety of Alpine animals and plants. Particularly impressive are the marmots, chamois and the largest colony of ibex in Switzerland. An expert guide will accompany you on this summer season excursion to Val Languard.

  • Availability: Mid-June to early October, every Friday
  • Guide: BAW-Hiking Guide
  • Equipment: good hiking shoes, rain protection, lunch, possibly binoculars and photographic equipment
  • Duration: All day tour, walking time approx. 4.5 hours.
  • Altitude difference: up to 600m
  • Meeting point: 9:00 at the valley station of the Alp Languard chairlift, return approx. 16:00
  • Fee: Free of charge (chairlift ride not included)
  • Insurance: Responsibility of the participants
  • Registration: until 17:00 the day before, by telephone at +41 81 838 83 00

Dozens of ibex only a stone throw away from you, grazing on the pastures right at the edge of the village. Something you can only experience in Pontresina. Discover the ibex with a local guide.

  • Ibex viewing: every Tuesday and Friday from the end of April until early June 2017
  • Guide: Christine Salis, BWL certified hiking guide Pontresina
  • Necessary equipment: hiking boots, rain protection
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Meeting point: 5.30 pm at Languard Valley Station
  • Fee: free of charge
  • Insurance: participants’ responsibility
  • Registration: until 5 pm the previous day by phone +41 81 838 83 00

On the trail of the eternal ice

From June 13 to October 10, 2016, every Monday guided half-day tours through the living forefield of the Morteratsch Glacier are available. You learn about dwindling ice streams, moraine banks and daring pioneer plants. Children explore the glacier world in a playful manner with Sabi, the glacier spirit.

  • Guide: Christine Salis, BWL-Hiking Guide Pontresina
  • Meeting point: at 9:15 in front of the railway crossing Morteratsch, return around 12:30
  • Duration: Half day tour 3 hours, walking time approx. 1 ½ hours.
  • Altitude difference: approx. 100 m
  • Equipment: Hiking shoes, sun and rain protection
  • Insurance: is responsibility of the participants
  • Fee: free of charge
  • Registration: Not required for individual guests

Cavaglia Glacier Garden

A jewel of nature, the moulins of Giardino dei Ghiacciai di Cavaglia. The moulins, also known as «pots of giants» were shaped by the Palü Glacier. For millennia, glacier water, rubble, and gravel have cut into the hard rock and ground huge holes into the ground — an outstanding natural phenomenon. The Glacier Garden is open from May to October.

  • Availability: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday from May to October
  • Meeting point: 14:00 at Cavaglia station
  • Duration: approximately 90 minutes
  • Equipment: Hiking shoes
  • Insurance: Responsibility of the participants
  • Fee: Free of charge (train journey not included)
  • Groups: Rates upon request
  • Registration: No registration required

Via Maistra 133
CH-7504 Pontresina
Tel. +41 81 838 83 00
[email protected]

The panoramic view of the Engadine lakes is one of the most beautiful in Switzerland


Glacier trail Morteratsch

In Pontresina, the glaciers are virtually on your doorstep. One of them is easily accessible via a 50-minute walk from Morteratsch Station. From there, the glacier trail Morteratsch leads guests to the tongue of the third-longest glacier in the Eastern Alps. On the way there, 16 breakpoints breakpoints provide the perfect opportunity to learn a few facts about the retreat of the Morteratsch Glacier and the mysterious life in its moraine. The perfect accompanying book to “Lebendiges Gletschervorfeld” is available at the Tourist Information Pontresina. For more information visit www.bernina-glaciers.ch.

Free rides with the hiking pass

Perfect for hikers: The Engadine hiking pass grants visitors – be they staying in hotels, apartments or campsites – free travel on the cable cars, buses, and trains of the Upper Engadine. The hiking pass is available for two to six days. Further information available at www.engadin.stmoritz.ch.

Bernina Railway Trail

16 information boards tell the story of the 100 years of history of the Bernina Railway from the early days up to the modern day. Rare photographs and documents, data and facts, entertaining and tragic factoids make exploring the nature trail a pleasant walk of approximately 20 minutes. All boards are bilingual, German and Romansh. From Pontresina or Surovas Station, the trail leads through the beautiful Taiswald. A description is available at the Tourist Information Pontresina and the ticket counter.

Green Energy Trail: from Lake Bianco to the glacier garden

For those who want to learn more about energy and like to hike, the green energy trail is perfect. Between the Lago Bianco on the Bernina Pass and Cavaglia, against the backdrop of one of the most beautiful mountain landscapes of Switzerland, twelve information boards await hikers. Through a uniquely illustrative approach, they recount the story of the world of energy, with many wondrous facts and figures about green energy. The trail is open from June until the end of October.

Climate Trail Muottas Muragl — Alp Languard

This internationally acclaimed adventure trail leads from Pontresina over the Schafberg, covering a distance of about 9 kilometres. Along the way, it features 15 information boards showcasing natural phenomena such as climate change in the Alps. The climate rail is a WWF Switzerland project in collaboration with the Naturforschende Gesellschaft des Engadin (SESN) and is supported by the municipalities of Pontresina and Samedan as well as private sponsors. The brochure «Auf den Spuren des Klimawandels» is available at the Pontresina Tourist Information for CHF15,-. By the way: The theme trail starts in Rosegtal and leads into the Taiswald.

Theme Trail Ricola Herb Garden

The Ricola Herb Garden is home to all 13 of the herbs that go into every Ricola herb candy. A succession of small boards inform visitors about sage, lady’s mantle, mallow and others. The theme trail starts in Rosegtal and leads into the Taiswald. More information: www.ricola.com/pontresina

Winter holidays
in Pontresina
in the Engadine

Snow is pretty much guaranteed in Pontresina, and you will be spoilt for choice, with three legendary Swiss ski resorts practically right outside your hotel room: Diavolezza, Corviglia, and Corvatsch. The high alpine location (1,800 to 3,303 metres above sea level) means that the finest powder snow and perfectly groomed slopes are as natural as the coffee you enjoy with your daily breakfast ritual. The region boasts a multitude of panoramic and glacier runs for carvers, World Cup courses for experts, and easy, sunny slopes for beginners. Pristine winter dreams for freeriders and ski tourers to Diavolezza and dream trails for cross-country skiers are all on the menu. The “dessert menu” is just as impressive: ice climbing along meter-long icicles, snowkiting on the frozen Lago Bianco or ice skating or curling on natural ice rinks.

Skiing & Snowboarding in Pontresina, the Engadine


Some love carving on freshly groomed slopes; some prefer to leave their tracks on fresh, deep snow slopes – and some prefer the snow park. Anyway: The high Engadine peaks, 350 km of groomed slopes and 60 transport facilities ensure that everyone’s preferences and skill levels are catered for within the wealth of winter sports resorts around Pontresina. In addition to the slopes, numerous panoramic restaurants, ski lodges, and après ski bars offer ambiance, fun, and alpine culinary delights.

Family ski resort Languard

The small family ski resort Languard, nestled in the heart of Pontresina, offers a modern infrastructure for beginners and experts. And the best: Children up to the age of 15 ski for free here. From the “Zauberteppich” [magic carpet] at the Snowli Kids Village for ski school guests to the platter and drag lift, everything is there. The Swiss Ski and Snowboard School Pontresina ensures successful first steps in the snow. The ski resort is suited for training and competition slopes: in the winter season, the Skiclub Bernina organises various youth ski races and night slalom races here. Operating dates can be found here: www.engadin.stmoritz.ch/languard-children-s-ski-area-pontresina

For diehard ski enthusiasts: Diavolezza opens as early as October

Want to test out your latest ski equipment when others haven’t even got their skis out of the attic? No problem. Right on Pontresina’s doorstep, the Diavolezza opens its Firn slopes as early as October. But not only that: in spring, the Diavolezza extends the skiing season late into May – as long as the slopes are accessible. Endless fun on the slopes in the Engadine!

Full-moon skiing on the Diavolezza

And the fun on the slopes does not even stop at nightfall: Glüna Plaina is Romansh for the full moon. And during the winter season, said full moon allows for several night-time skiing sessions on the Diavolezza. The brightly illuminated mountain station and the gentle light of the moon show the way down the slopes back to the valley. Faboulus! – which actually means ‘magical’ in Romansh and implies that you should definitely not miss this experience.

Full information about the individual ski resorts in the Engadin St. Moritz can be found here: www.engadin.stmoritz.ch/ski-snowboard.

Wintertime is sledging time. Including short runs and pleasant routes for harmless glissades, the six sledge runs around Pontresina pack quite a punch. The most famous of them leads from Muottas Muragl and counts an impressive 20 curves and 4.2 km to the valley below. Sleds can be rented directly at the Valley Station. Sledgers access the departure point in comfort aboard the funicular Muottas Muragl. The run is open daily from December to March from 9:30 to 16:00, depending on snow and visibility conditions. It is not suitable for toddlers.

Languard: sledge hill for children

Located right at the heart of the village of Pontresina near the Languard ski-lift you will find a 250-metre-long sledge run for children. Parking is available in the nearby carparks Mulin and Rondo. For all Upper Engadine sledge runs and current conditions: www.engadin.stmoritz.ch/sledging

A short distance away: Preda-Bergün

The most famous sledge run in Switzerland is so close: A short 20-minute train ride takes Pontresina guests to the sledge run from Preda to Bergün. The 6-km-long route leads along the Albula railway line, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008. Preda sledges are available for rent at the train station and can be returned in Bergün.


Taking a walk Pontresina on 1st March will make you feel as if you have strayed directly onto the film set of the successful Swiss film Little Mountain Boy. The traditional Engadine houses with their sturdy stone walls form the perfect backdrop, and the main characters — boys in bright blue-and-red robes – walk from house to house, singing. Adding further to the atmosphere are the large cowbells – Plumpas – and cracking whips. Just like Schellen-Ursli, the hero of a Swiss children’s book, this beautiful tradition involves the children chasing the winter spirits out of the village. There is no more unique way than this Chalandamarz custom (Romansh for 1st March) to herald the start of spring.



Slightly quieter than the Chalandamarz is the «Schlitteda» tradition. Every year on the second Sunday in January, local lads invite their girls out on a date and pick them up from their homes. On a festively decorated sleigh, the cavalier then chauffeurs his lady through Pontresina and the Val Roseg. Back in the day, the Schlitteda was a celebration exclusively for non-married couples. Today it has been transformed into a village festival where singles and married couples alike celebrate together. By the way: the creation of this tradition goes back to the times when horse and carriage was the only means of transport during the winter months. Back then, when you had a wedding or a funeral to attend, you went by horse and carriage.

Eiertrölen – an almost forgotten Easter tradition

Following the Easter service, children went to a steep meadow where everyone rolled their eggs down the hill. When an egg broke, the player was disqualified. It is rumoured that before the beginning of the games, some participants placed their eggs in an ant hill which resulted in the shell becoming particularly strong. The popular activity of egg painting was also part of this custom. Most eggs were cooked in an onion-peel brew. Eiertrölen is still enjoyed in Pontresina today. The eggs run takes place on Crast’Ota, below the walking path.


Сэкономить в Понтресине:

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